Breast Pump Rental (New)

From: 20.00 / week with 1 month free trial and a 85.00 sign-up fee

Rental Order: Ameda Elite Hospital Grade Breast Pump

• €80.00 per month or
• €20.00 per week

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If you chose to Collect the Breast Pump at your local selected pharmacy: you can purchase the flange kits there on pickup, the initial fee includes your first month’s rental cost.

If you chose that we post the Breast Pump to your home: the initial payment includes the first month’s rental but delivery is additional. You will also need to purchase a Flange Kit with your first order.

After your initial rental period expires (1 month) An automatic payment will be taken either weekly or monthly (whichever you choose)

Need to cancel your rental? – You can choose for it to be picked up by courier for a fee or you can drop it back to one of our pharmacy partners. Click to cancel here


Our Breast Pump Rental Price

We want to make using the best breast pump as affordable as possible for mothers. Maternity can be a stressful time for both parent and newborn baby, so you need a breast pump rental service that makes it more affordable and comfortable.


Rental Price

Our pricing structure is simple:

  • €85.00 for the first month
  • €20.00 per week after that

You can also order single and double flange kits from us.

  • Single Flange Kit: €20.00
  • Double Flange Kit: €35.00


Delivery Of Your Breast Pump

As part of our rental service we will deliver the breast pump to your address free of charge. You can get next working day delivery if you live in Ireland and place your order before midday. If you place your order after that, you’ll receive your breast pump in the post the day after.

Returning Your Breast Pump

Returning your breast pump is easy.

  • Collection from your home by courier – €7.50
  • Return to one of our pharmacy partners
  • Drop your rented breast pump off at O’Flynn Medical


Choose Your Flange Kit Size

  • 25mm breast flange
  • 30.5mm/28.5mm insert breast flange

All our flange kits can be boiled, placed in the dishwasher and sterilised. A single flange kit causes one of your breasts to express milk. A double flange kit encourages both to express milk. Dual flange kits are sometimes superior for enabling you to express milk because they create a more powerful hormonal response.

  • Medical-grade electric pump. Medical-grade electric pumps are durable, comfortable and lightweight with ergonomically-designed flanges to ensure a great experience.
  • Control pumping rate. The Ameda Elite Breast pump you can hire through our breast pump rental service comes with a feature called CustomControl. This feature lets you control the rate of suction and lets you control the type of pumping depending on your current supply.
  • Quiet operation. Our breast pump rental gives you access to whisper-quiet equipment that won’t disturb your baby and provides you with complete privacy.
  • Exceptionally hygienic. You want to make sure that the breast milk you provide to your child is as clean as possible. With our breast pump rental, you can. Ameda breast pump machines use the Airlock Protection System. This system prevents air from entering the tube during pumping, keeping them dry between sessions and helping to avoid the buildup of bacteria in breast milk.
  • Free from dangerous plastics. Some cheap breast pump rental options on the market use pumps that contain hazardous levels of harmful plastic such as DEHP and BPA. Our breast pumps are free from harmful plastics, helping you avoid harming either your child or yourself.
  • Get a range of accessories. We can provide you with a range of accessories when you hire a breast pump, including a variety of flanges and storage bags.

“I was having trouble breastfeeding and was advised by the fabulous Marie Meagher at the breastfeeding group in Tipp town to rent a hospital grade breast pump from O’Flynn Medical and it was a game changer! I got the details from Marie and contacted them straight away. The pump was delivered to my door in no time and I went from pumping 10mls to 1oz straight away. O’Flynn Medical was extremely helpful with any query I had and contacted me to make sure everything was going well. When I was finished with the pump I called them and they had it picked up from my house, no hassle or fuss. They just made the experience so easy and stress free. If it wasn’t for this pump, Im not sure if my breastfeeding journey would have continued. I highly recommend…!!” Miriam Doyle


“I rented the Ameda Elite Hospital Grade Breast Pump to help boost my milk supply. The pump was comfortable to use and very efficient. Communication and service from O’Flynn Medical was great. It was particularly helpful that they collected the pump from my house when I was finished with it.” Regards, Freda


“Rental of the Ameda breast pump was quick and so easy. Renting the pump meant I could try it for one month (and longer) without the significant cost of buying a hospital grade pump. Highly recommend the service” Kind regards, Danielle

How much does it cost to rent a breast pump?

Breast pump rental costs €85.00 for the first month and then just €20.00 per week after that. You can also buy single and double flange kits for a fixed price of €20.00 and €35.00 respectively. For hygiene and safety reasons, you’ll have to buy your own flange kits. You can’t use those that have already been used by another mother.


When should I order my breast pump?

The great thing about using a breast pump is that you’re free to start collecting milk at any time. Some mothers begin using breast pumps immediately if their child is born prematurely. Breast pumps allow you to deliver milk to your child at a time that is convenient to both of you.

Many mothers prefer to establish a regular feeding routine with their baby before moving onto breast pumps, but you don’t have to. You can begin breast pumping at any time during the weaning phase of your child’s life. Breast pumping tells your body that it’s time to deliver milk.

You should order your breast pump if you are feeling uncomfortable nursing naturally or your child is struggling to latch and would benefit from bottle feeding.


What is a Breast Pump?

A breast pump is a special device you can use to deliver milk to your child at convenient times throughout the day without having to nurse directly from the breast. Breast pumps work by removing milk from the breast and storing it in a bottle and are ideal for mothers with premature children or who are unable to latch, but anyone can use them.


Where can I hire an electric breast pump?

You can hire an electric breast pump from us. We make breast pump rental easy. All you need to do is order your breast pump through our website or over the phone. We’ll send it out to you through the post to anywhere in Ireland, free from shipping costs. Alternatively they can be collected from a number of pharmacy partners around the country.


What breast pump do hospitals use?

Hospitals use special medical-grade breast pumps from approved manufacturers, like Ameda. The great thing about our breast pump rental service is that you can get hospital-grade medical equipment without paying hefty price tags. Our rental service allows you to gain access to the best possible hospital pumping devices at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Just place your order with us, use your breast pump for as long as you need it, and then return it so that another mother can use it. We make maternity simple!


Do hospitals rent out breast pumps?

Hospitals don’t ordinarily rent out breast pumps. This leaves mothers in a tricky situation: either buy a cheap and ineffective product from a high street retailer or spend a large amount of money on a product that works.

We don’t think that this is right. That’s why with us, you can rent out hospital-grade breast pumps from a variety of locations across Ireland. We’ll even deliver them directly to your door, free of charge. Get the best breast pumping equipment on the market and start enjoying the benefits today.


Should I take my breast pump to the hospital?

Some babies can struggle to latch or feed on the breast, at least initially. It’s essential, though, if you’re late in your pregnancy and planning a hospital birth that you have equipment available so that you can feed your child. The good news is that hospitals allow you to bring breast pumps with you or have them delivered once you’re there. Our breast pump rental service, therefore, is ideal for nursing mothers who want a little extra peace of mind.


What is the best hospital grade breast pump?

The best hospital-grade breast pump on the market today is the Ameda Elite Breast Pump. This pump comes with a host of features, designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable, discreet and hygienic. The pump, for instance, has exclusive technology that keeps the tubing clean and free from contaminants. It also has a double pumping option – great for mothers who want to increase milk production – and silent operation.


Why do people rent breast pumps?

Finding a quality breast pump can be a challenge. You could purchase a medical-grade electric breast pump from a reputable manufacturer, but it’s a significant expense for something you only need temporarily. Alternatively, you could go to a high street retailer, but the products are often cheap and of inferior quality.

With us, you can rent a hospital-grade electric breast pump that comes with all the benefits of professional equipment but without the hefty price tag. Meaning you get access to the best breast pumps on the market at a fraction of the full retail price.


What else will I need when renting a breast pump?

The best hospital-grade breast pump on the market today is the Ameda Elite Breast Pump. This pump comes with a host of features, designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable, discreet and hygienic. The pump, for instance, has exclusive technology that keeps the tubing clean and free from contaminants. It also has a double pumping option – great for mothers who want to increase milk production – and silent operation.