Apex Flexi-Air Hybrid Mattress

Non powered hybrid mattress

The Flexi-air is a true Hybrid mattress replacement that combines foam with intelligent air cells for effective pressure redistribution and greater comfort.

  • Suitable for patients in medium to high risk of pressure injuries
  • Patented hybrid cell design for efficient air displacement
  • Top cover with high MVTR for better cooling effect and comfort
  • Triangular cut heel section for greater heel pressure reduction.

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Immersion And Envelopment

3 pressure zones consist of hybrid cells and foam with patented cutting design which provide superior comfort and pressure reduction

Slope Leg Section With Patented Triangle Cutcuboid

Individual cells of foam with patented triangle cut increase point-to-point support at the heel

Immersion Without Bottoming Out

Each hybrid cell is made of foam inside an air cell. The air in the cell supporting most of the load and evenly redistribute interface pressure while the foam preventing patient from bottoming out


Features and Benefits

  • The 4-way stretch cover provides a low friction surface. It is vapour permeable and water-resistant with a high flame retardant.
  • 4 carry handles allow for easy lifting and transport.
  • Side Bolster with grooves offers support and stability when ingress and egress. This also allows for usage with profiling beds
  • The Automatic Air Displacement Hybrid System will automatically displace air and regulate the pressure in the aligned cells to give greater comfort and pressure redistribution

Technical Specifications

Mattress Dimensions : 200 x 80 x 20 cm | 200 x 85 x 20 cm | 200 x 90 x 20 cm

Mattress Weight: 12 kg

Cell Height: 6 x 13 cm, PU foam in TPU hybrid cells

Side Bolster: 20 cm side bolster

Top Cover: High MVTR 4 stretch PU

Bottom Cover Flame Retardant:  Non-slip PU Polyester

Flame Retardant Standards: BS 7177 crib 2, EN 597-1 & -2, BS 5852

Maximum Patient Weight: 200 kg


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