Antimicrobial Material


Antimicrobial Material is a copper base film which can be attached to almost any surface. The characteristics of the copper can help to kill 99.9% of virus’ and bacteria that are exposed to it giving you peace of mind that touch surfaces in your premises are safe.

Key Features Of Antimicrobial Material

-Paper release type

-Polyolefin based film with copper powder dispersed

-Kills 99.94% of virus and bacteria within 30 mins

-Kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria within 4 hours

-Semi-permanent effect

-Applicable on a wide range of applications without tape

Available in A4 sheets and 400mm x 5m rolls

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Our Antimicrobial material has an adhesive-backed film and copper base which can be applied to virtually any surface in order to kill germs and bacteria. It’s long been known that copper has excellent antimicrobial properties.

Touch surfaces are ideal breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria and can promote their spread in both the workplace and at home, which is why keeping your surfaces safe and germ-free should always be a priority. Our antimicrobial film kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, preventing the spread of infection.

Our copper antimicrobial material renders germs and bacteria essentially dead within 30 minutes and leaves the surface completely sterile within four hours. When combined with other preventative measures, such as non-contact thermometers and thermal imaging cameras, potentially causes of infection can be identified and any potential spread of germs and bacteria prevented.

Hospitals, medical centres, general practitioners, and operating theatres can further benefit by implementing UV-C sterilization units and disposable gowns to maintain a safe and sterile environment.

Classrooms, the hospitality industry and offices can also benefit by applying antimicrobial film to desktops, doors, tablet screens and virtually anywhere else desired. Applying antimicrobial material in such areas shows a commitment to health and safety for students, customers and employees. Of course, antimicrobial film can also be used at home to protect children and elderly relatives from infection.

Features & Benefits Of Antimicrobial Material

With more widespread public awareness towards the spread of viruses and bacteria, antimicrobial films are increasingly being used in a wide variety of applications to promote a healthier and safer workplace.

Our antimicrobial material has the following features:

  • Adhesive backed film for easy application;
  • Durable polyolefin film containing dispersed copper;
  • 99.94% of viruses and bacteria dead within 30 mins;
  • 99.99% of viruses and bacteria dead within 4 hours;
  • Available in A4 size or 0.4m x 5m rolls;
  • Can be applied to surfaces including handrails, countertops, doors, lift buttons, shopping cart handles, desks, walls, touchscreens and many more applications with ease;
  • Easy on, easy off – the antimicrobial material can be removed without leftover residue;
  • Promotes a germ and virus-free environment for yourself, employees and customers to reduce the spread on high-contact surfaces;
  • The antimicrobial material forms a humidity barrier that is also waterproof;
  • Suitable for biomedical applications in hospitals, general practitioners, dentist surgeries and operating theatres;
  • Ideal for the hospitality industry such as in restaurants and pubs in both food preparation areas of the kitchen as well as doors and dining areas on high-contact surfaces.

This product is best complemented with a complete strategy for reducing and eliminating the spread of viruses and bacteria, including frequent and thorough hand washing regimes, use of personal protective equipment such as masks and/or visors and routine cleaning.

In conjunction with a comprehensive disinfection and sterilization programme, antimicrobial material is an effective and cost-efficient means of targeting high-touch areas of the workplace with minimal effort, thus reducing the possibility of viruses and bacteria from spreading on commonly used surfaces.


  1. Is antimicrobial coating safe?

In terms of safety from germs and viruses, antimicrobial coatings are effective at killing viruses and bacteria. Antimicrobial material coating products containing copper are safe for use in medical settings, food preparation and more under EU regulations.

  1. What is an antimicrobial coating?

Antimicrobial coating and antimicrobial materials such as film and fabrics are surface coating products which contain trace quantities of copper, silver, chitosan, zinc, gold, titan or other antimicrobial substances. They are effective at killing bacteria and germs which would otherwise proliferate on the surface and promote the spread of viruses and infections.

  1. Does antimicrobial mean antibacterial?

Antimicrobial is not the same as antibacterial. The former, antimicrobial, is effective at killing viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. Antibacterial is effective at killing bacteria. For sterile environments where only the best will do, antimicrobial is required.

  1. How does an antimicrobial work?

When subjected to cleaning or humidity in the air, copper coating products release copper ions from the top layer, which subsequently come into contact with viruses or bacteria and blocks their mechanism to proliferate. In essence, the film kills and destroys germs and bacteria.

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A4 Sheets X 5, 5M Roll