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    Bed hoists offer superb safety and support for individuals with limited mobility by facilitating the movements required to lie down on a bed or to rise up from a bed. Getting in or out of bed can be challenging and hazardous for some elderly individuals, so having a comfortable and safe hoist can increase confidence and safety simultaneously. There are many benefits that a good bed hoist can provide. Patients benefit from the additional dignity and confidence when getting out of the bed, whereas caregivers benefit by facilitating these movements and ensuring that the movements are safe and comfortable for the patient. Buy bed hoists from O’Flynn Medical and get quality products at affordable prices.

  • Prism A-320B Bariatric Hoist at O'Flynn Medicals

    Prism A-320B Bariatric Hoist

  • Types of Bed Hoists

    For mobility-impaired individuals and caregivers in healthcare facilities and nursing homes, there are many bed hoists for sale in Ireland to choose from. Some bed hoists for elderly individuals are relatively simple frames and slings, whereas hospital bed hoists may be electrically or hydraulically operated. Every bed hoist product has its own characteristics and features.


    Choosing the Right Bed Hoists in Ireland

    When looking for a bed hoist for hire or for sale in Ireland, it is essential to always choose a product that meets the specific mobility needs of the patient. In this case, the bed hoist should naturally be suitable for transferring the patient to and from the bed, but also consider factors such as weight capacity, space constraints or restrictions, and additional supports that can add comfort or functionality.


    Why Buy Bed Hoists from O’Flynn Medical?

    O’Flynn Medical is a leading supplier of medical equipment and bariatric equipment in Ireland. Our many bed hoist products are designed for safety and reliability and are therefore suitable for hospitals, care homes, and private homes where patients require additional support when moving into or out of the bed. At O’Flynn Medical we offer fast & cost-effective nationwide delivery across Ireland. We welcome any enquiries you may have regarding our products, delivery or services.


    Other Hoist Products Offered by O’Flynn Medical

    For hoists, lifts, and other support frames to facilitate movement, O’Flynn Medical offers many other personal hoist products in addition to our bed hoists in Ireland. We carry standing hoists, sit-to-stand hoists, electric hoists, ceiling hoists, as well as other types of slings to assist with movement to and from wheelchairs, the toilet, a chair, or the bed.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Hoists

    How do I choose a bed hoist for the elderly

    The key factors to assess when choosing a bed hoist for the elderly include size and weight capacity, lift range, manoeuvrability, space constraints, and ease of use. Perhaps more importantly, consider the specific needs of the patient and purchase a product that is safe and comfortable for them.


    Who needs a bed hoist?

    Bed hoists are suitable for any individual suffering from mobility issues, the elderly, or any other individual that may experience pain or discomfort getting into or out of bed. This movement can be particularly hazardous for some individuals, so a bed hoist is essential for safety and confidence when performing these movements.


    Can you use a bed hoist on your own?

    Bed hoists should always be operated with the assistance of a caregiver. It is strongly recommended that the patient always has assistance from a trained caregiver when operating the bed hoist.


    Can you use a bed hoist without training?

    It is not recommended to use the bed hoist without having adequate training on its proper use. Caregivers should be trained on how to use the hoist in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


    Are bed hoists worth it?

    Yes. Bed hoists are a valuable investment for hospitals, care homes, or even private homes where patients may be at risk of falling or other injuries when getting in or out of bed. For caregivers, bed hoists are invaluable as they reduce physical labour required to move the patient, they improve safety, and they have the added benefit of giving the patient more confidence.


    Are bed hoists safe?

    Yes. Bed hoists are safe to use provided that the caregiver is thoroughly trained on the hoist’s operation and that the product is purchased from a reputable seller of medical equipment in Ireland.


    How does a bed hoist work?

    Bed hoists are operated via a lifting mechanism which facilitates the transfer of a patient to and from a bed. With the assistance of a harness or sling, the hoist supports the patient during the critical stages of movement to/from the bed.


    Which is the best bed hoist for the elderly?

    The best bed hoist for elderly individuals will depend on factors such as the weight of the individual and the weight capacity of the hoist, how much mobility they have, how much additional support is needed, space requirements around the bed and in the room, and how manoeuvrable the hoist needs to be