At O’Flynn Medical, we’re proud of our commitment to continuously improve the lives and health
of individuals and communities throughout Ireland.

We were delighted to discover that O’Flynn Medical has made a real contribution to the health and vitality of someone as far afield as Zambia.

Sr. Mary Lucey – who works tirelessly with people in need, in the impoverished town of Pemba, Zambia – received the gift of a specialist Rise and Recline comfort chair from O’Flynn Medical, recently.

Sr. Mary explains: “I received a wonderful Rise and Recline Chair from O’Flynn Medical and it’s just the best thing I ever had! My work involves lots of time out in the hot sun and standing in hot earth. It’s wonderful to come in and relax, even for ten minutes. I can feel refreshed and ready for another session.”

Sr. Mary Lucey received the gift of a Rise and Recline chair from O'Flynn Medical

Sr. Mary Lucey received the gift of a Rise and Recline chair from O’Flynn Medical

Sr. Mary has been the driving force behind the building of not one, but two villages in Pemba, Zambia. She has crisscrossed the globe sharing her vision for the villages to raise the needed funds, negotiated for the purchase of the land, governed the selection of the families, managed and encouraged the soon to be homeowners as they built their homes, and spent countless hours at government offices to navigate Zambian bureaucracy.

Sr Mary greets Linda daughter of Atkins and Packsina as they receive new home

Sr Mary greets a family as they receive their new home

The result is that now 16 families in two villages have homes with sustainable roofs, walls, windows and floors. They have clean water to drink and each family has a large plot of land to grow vegetables and raise animals. More importantly, these families have the security and dignity that comes when a family has stable home.

Sr. Mary has witnessed the positive changes in these families. Some that were previously on the brink of disintegration, now have strong marriages, healthy children, and the ability to look into the future with hope and opportunity.
“Recently, I have suffered a lot of back pain, so the chair was my lifesaver!” adds Sr. Mary.

Sr. Mary dances with joy

Sr. Mary dances with joy

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