The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has placed an enormous amount of importance on public health and hygiene across all sectors. At O’Flynn Medical, we carry a full range of professional Covid-19 products that can help.

We’ve been supplying medical equipment to hospitals, nursing homes and elderly care facilities for over 10 years with a strong focus on high-quality products. As we progress through the current pandemic, our experience in the medical sector can help businesses from a wide variety of sectors remain safe and secure.

Sterisafe Pro

The Sterisafe Pro Covid 19

When it comes to decontamination for hospitals, offices, factories and food production facilities, the Sterisafe Pro is the best means of decontamination during the Covid-19 pandemic. O’Flynn Medical provides the Sterisafe Pro mobile decontamination devices for both purchase and rent. The Sterisafe Pro kills up to 99.99% of both surface and airborne viruses and bacteria making it safe for businesses to return to work.

The Sterisafe Pro is suitable for use in healthcare facilities, the food industry, hospitality, education and office settings. As Irish businesses and schools reopen gradually, it’s important that it’s done safely and with minimal risk to patients, customers, or pupils. That’s where the Sterisafe Pro excels. Feel free to call or email our expert team if you need more information.


Non-Contact Thermometer

non contact thermometer covid 19

Keeping track of body temperatures in the case of a fever – a symptom of the coronavirus – is essential now and for the foreseeable future. That’s why businesses, hospitals, and schools need to be using reliable thermometers such as the O’Flynn Temp non-contact thermometer. They are safe to use as they can read body temperatures from a safe distance and provide a fever warning to indicate symptoms of Coronavirus.

Key Components Of The O’Flynn Temp:

  • Non-Contact
  • High Precision Infrared Sensor
  • Patent Design
  • High Definition Display
  • Forehead Mode
  • Measures in 1 second
  • Measures in Celsius (oC) and Fahrenheit (oF)
  • Fever Warning
  • 32 Measurements Memory Recall
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Auto Power-Off

The O’Flynn Temp is a must for any organisation to stay safe and secure.


Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera Covid 19

If your business is open to the public or has a large amount of staff with lots of foot traffic coming and going, it can be a challenge keeping track of body temperatures and compliance with safety measures. Our Thermal Imaging Camera handles this task with ease.

This infrared camera provides contactless and continuous temperature screening of up to six individuals at a time. Furthermore, alarms can be set to go off when high temperatures are detected or if mandatory face masks are not worn. It can also be installed in a network configuration with other cameras to be used as part of a system.

These cameras are ideal for schools, shopping centres and hospitals at major access points saving time and effort from having to manually inspect temperatures and enforce mask compliance.


We Stock A Wide Range Of Covid-19 Products

Items such as masks and isolation gowns, for example, are widely available worldwide as a response to the pandemic. That’s a good thing, but unfortunately, the quality isn’t always great. O’Flynn Medical provides high quality Covid-19 products like face masks and gowns for use across a wide range of sectors. 

Covid 19 Face Masks

Our multi-pack of 50 disposable face masks are certified and produced to a surgical-grade as well as comfortable to wear thanks to a soft loop around the ear straps. This makes them ideal for keeping your employees and clients safe.

We also carry disposable isolation gowns which provide excellent resistance with sleeve and collar ties whilst still enabling the wearer to move easily. They come in white, blue, or pink.


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Everyone is doing their part to contain the spread of Covid-19 in Ireland and abroad, so it only makes sense to choose professional products that deliver proven results. Enquire about our Covid-19 product range today if your business requires high-quality equipment or supplies.