A new website has been launched specifically for nurses in Ireland that are looking for work. The website, nursejobsireland.com, promises to be the most up-to-date, easy-to-use jobs site of its kind and offers nursing vacancies nationwide.

“We collaborated with the best in the industry for online advertising, search engine optimization and recruitment strategies” said Nursejobsireland.com Managing Director, Cora Barnes. “What could not be overlooked from all the advice we gained was the importance of the words used in a search by a nurse looking for a new job. With this issue in mind, we are delighted to launch this exciting new platform, simply named Nursejobsireland.com. This website will become Ireland’s number one source for nurses looking for work and companies advertising nursing positions.”

Unlike other nursing jobs websites, Nursejobsireland.com features a mobile version for nurses who are searching for jobs on-the-go, a nursing industry training and events diary and a referral scheme where you can win a prize by simply referring a nurse to the Nursejobsireland.com team.

For more information head over to www.nursejobsireland.com