Moving Business To Ireland?

Office Support Services and Warehouse Storage Facilities near Cork Airport & Port of Cork

Besides having offices in London, O’Flynn Medical Ltd is established in Ireland since 2000. We are the country’s premier supplier of healthcare equipment. We have fabulous storage facilities and a growing office operations team that has built a very sizeable business nationwide. 

We now have the capacity to offer Irish office support services, administrative responsibilities, and storage facilities in Ireland for businesses looking for a Brexit Solution

Our organisation has warehouses and an office headquartered in Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland. This is an extremely convenient location for transport across Ireland and trade route accessibility to Europe. We are located only 50 minutes from the commercial deep water harbour Port of Cork and 40 minutes from Cork Airport

We understand that relocating a business is challenging, and you may not want to employ staff locally on a full time basis or relocate your U.K employees. For that reason, O’Flynn Medical Ltd offers administrative duties, including bookkeeping and payroll, which gives you time to concentrate on transitioning your business and setting up trading partners from your Irish business entity.

Storage Facility

  • Available Capacity
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Secured & Licensed
  • 50 mins to Commercial Ferry Port
  • 45 mins to Cork Airport
  • 2.5 Hours to Dublin City
  • 1.5 Hours to Shannon Airport
  • 40 mins to Cork City

Office Support Services

  • Irish Business Address
  • Call Answering
  • Mail Forwarding (or open & scan)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Cloud Accounting Software
  • Local Networking Introductions
  • Convenient Location

Office Support Services

Virtual Office

What is a virtual office? Suppose you can’t afford to rent an office, services, and technology, yet you’re moving business to Ireland. You can partner with O’Flynn, whose goal will be to provide you an official business address, phone answering service and mail forwarding.

So, instead of employing staff to conduct secretarial duties for your Irish operation, you can hire our virtual office facilities to handle it with that important local touch. 

Local Connections and English Speaking 

If you need to employ local staff for the running of your Irish company, Cork has several universities and colleges that continually produce highly educated English speaking graduates with excellent skills necessary for your business. 

Cork is a thriving business centre. We are the fastest growing city in Ireland and tipped to become a European business powerhouse. As winner of ‘Best SME 2018’ from the Cork Chamber of Commerce, we are well placed to introduce you to the local business network and get your Irish entity firmly rooted in local commerce.

Business Administration 

We can provide business administration duties for your Irish operation. This can include experienced payroll, bookkeeping and invoicing services backed up by a cloud accountants package for ease of communication. We will ensure you are complying with Irish PRSI employer responsibilities.



Warehouse Storage Services

Do You Need Storage Space?

Moving business to Ireland requires clearing. But, you can’t hold your items until it’s time for processing your clearance forms. In that context, you need a store where you can keep your goods safely.

Can You Sell Your Goods and Rebuy Later?

The UK is continuously asking for an extension for their exit date. Why? It’s a huge move, and the transition might interrupt supplies of medicine, foods, and other items. Therefore, it’s wiser to store your goods as long as they are not perishable to secure your continuous provision.

The Tight Schedule Ahead with Limited Warehouses

Brexit is set for the end of October. At this time, businesses are busy preparing for Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. So, you probably have massive stock compared to other periods of the year, yet you have to exit. Dublin warehouses are already reported to be at 96% capacity with U.K companies stockpiling there for the past 6 months. 

We have opened up our warehousing in Cork to meet this overflow demand. We offer flexible contracts with short term options available.

Other Benefits of Renting a Warehouse

New trade tariff agreements will be needed for British companies dealing with Ireland and the rest of Europe. Import goods now and store in our facilities to protect your business against major price and trade fluctuations. 

Spot stocking is where you stock your goods for a while. Instead of hiring a storage facility throughout the year, you can rent one until you’re ready to dispose of it. In that context, moving business to Ireland fits in this threshold. You can rent a warehouse until your business settles and there is more clarity around the outcome of Brexit.

Under Irish law the storage owner takes the risk of damages, fire, and other dangers, and their insurance company compensates for losses. Our premises are fully insured, licensed and secured.


What are the Advantages of Moving Your Business to Ireland?

Highly Skilled English Speaking Employees and Clients

Moving your business to Ireland comes with several benefits. For instance, you can hire highly educated people from leading universities and training centres in Ireland. Moreover, you’ll work with English speaking people with similar cultural working ethics.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Ireland is considerably cheaper compared to London. Renting or buying a home in Cork will offer better value for you and your employees.

Corporate Tax Rate

It’s no secret that one of the reasons why businesses move to Ireland is the favourable tax rate. The corporate tax rate is 12.5%. It has been at that level now for a long time and does not look like it will change any time soon.

The VAT rate is between 13.5 % and 23%, depending on whether you’re offering services or selling products. You’ll be dealing with a tax regime, whose regulations are similar to HMRC in the U.K.

We have plenty of big multinational companies set-up in Cork. Many of these businesses will be on your doorstep such as Apple, Dell-EMC, Pfizer, Amazon, and Boston Scientific.

Convenient Location

Another reason you should move your business to Ireland is our connectivity to Europe and across the Atlantic. It takes only 6 hours to fly from New York to Shannon. There are daily flights from Cork Airport to various U.K destinations with a flight times being just over 30 mins. Instead of living in NYC or London, where the cost of living is high, consider moving your business to Ireland. You’ll enjoy cleaner air, less traffic congestion and the stunning Irish countryside to explore.

You’ll Get Support When Starting Your Enterprise in Ireland

The SME community is the backbone of most economies, including Ireland. If you want to start a business in Ireland, the Local Enterprise office can offer financial aid, training, mentorship, and networking opportunities. The Cork Chamber Of Commerce is also very strong with over 2,000 businesses registered.


Moving Your Business to Ireland? – Speak to our Team

Moving your business to Ireland comes with many benefits but also its challenges. Let O’Flynn Medical Ltd take care of your storage and office administration worries while you concentrate on putting everything else into place.