O’Flynn Medical are delighted to introduce the ‘High Risk’ Comfort Turn Full Body Rotational – Low-Air-Loss Mattress

Available in both Standard and Bariatric size which boasts the following:

  • “Static” for stationary low air loss therapy.
  • “Fowler” to boost seat inflation when the head is elevated.
  • “Auto Firm” for rapid inflation and easy patient transfer.
  • “Lockout” to maintain caregiver settings without accidental interruptions.
  • “Low Pressure” and “Power Failure” audible / visual alarms.
  • “Self-Diagnostic Check” to quickly assess all switches and sensors for proper calibration and operation.
  • “Turn & Hold” feature helps caregivers re-position patients easily.
  • 12 Month Warranty

To celebrate the launch of this new and exciting product we are delighted to offer a 10% Discount off the Purchase price. 

(Also available for rental and a FREE TRIAL)

  * Offer based on Purchase Order received by 15th August 2016 (Terms & Conditions Apply)