O’Flynn Medical are delighted to introduce the Ameda Lactaline™ Breast Pump (Single-User) & Ameda Elite™ Breast Pump (Hospital-Grade) available for both Rental & Purchase.

Ameda has been the leading innovator delivering unmatched quality and service to lactation professionals, institutions and most importantly, mothers for more than 70 years providing the highest quality breastfeeding products.

The Ameda mission is to help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals by providing products that make breastfeeding more comfortable, safe and convenient.

Breast Milk is the perfect food for your baby and helps keep your baby healthy.  As your baby grows, your Breast Milk changes to meet your baby’s needs.

Your Breast Milk is like nature’s own immunisation protecting baby against a wide variety of illness and conditions. It’s designed perfectly to meet your baby’s every need. It’s ready when baby needs it at the perfect temperature and comes neatly packaged with no need to sterilise!

Ameda Lactaline™ Breast Pump (Single-User)

Whether you are returning to work or want a fast and easy pumping experience, the Ameda Lactaline double electric breast pump, designed for daily use, is the ideal breast pump.  The Ameda HygieniKit® Milk Collection System included with the pump allows a mother to double pump to save time.  Studies find that double pumping can also help increase milk supply.  The breast pump is portable and lightweight, making it convenient to transport.


Ameda Elite™ Breast Pump (Hospital Grade) 

The Elite Breast Pump is a multi-user, hospital-grade electric breast pump that is the first of its kind with a microprocessor-driven pump.  It is a durable yet lightweight pump, proven by research to be effective at establishing milk supply.1 The Elite’s CustomControl™ feature offers dual adjustability with separate speed and suction dials for the best results every time.  Its “whisper quiet” operation contributes to a comfortable pumping experience.

The Elite is designed to work with any of the Ameda HygieniKit® MilkCollection Systems. The kit’s Proven Airlock Protection™ keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between the expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping. There’s no need to clean the narrow tubing and the milk stays pure. The HygieniKit is made without BPA and DEHP.

Its built-in dual bottle holders securely hold bottles upright and support Store ‘N Pour™ milk storage bags or smaller containers by breast flange rims to help prevent spills. Kit sold separately.

Please contact a member of our Sales Team for further information on Lo-Call: 1890 440 440 or Email: info@oflynnmedical.com