Independent Living Products

Independent living products are essential for anyone with a disability. In Ireland, more than 643,000 people have a disability. Rates are particularly high in the over 70s, with more than 73% of women aged 84 and over have at least one disability. For many, mobility problems and disabilities can impair their quality of life. Rather than heavily on the assistance of carers, it’s vital to promote independent living.  

By fostering independent living, individuals benefit from increased self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. It also ensures individuals feel in control over their lives, while a lower reliance on others helps people maintain their dignity. However, when it comes to creating a safe environment for independent living, selecting the right medical equipment and assistance products is vital.  

Independent Living Advice for Carers 

Promoting independent living in older people can prove challenging for carers. Ultimately, the best approach is to ensure you’re only helping where necessary. Take a step back to consider mobility issues to determine how much hands-on care and assistance is required. Those with limited mobility will need some assistance with everyday household chores, meal preparation, and personal grooming. However, to encourage independent living, it’s best to allow individuals to oversee as much of their daily routine as possible. This can include encouraging patients to manage their medication or medical appointment schedule.  

Once you’ve carried out a care assessment, you can start focusing on areas where you can assist. Something as simple as decluttering a space can help improve mobility, eliminating obstacles and dramatically reducing the risk of falls or injury. It’s also useful to introduce smartphones and other consumer electronics to trigger medical alarms or stay connected in the case of an emergency. You can now start thinking about which independent living products might be required to improve quality of life and make everyday routines as manageable as possible.  

Independent Living Products

independent living with a hoist at home

Looking for independent living products? At O’Flynn Medical, we stock a first-rate range of medical equipment and accessories to foster independent living. From hoists and stand aids, to electric profiling beds and bariatric equipment, we offer a selection of solutions to make life easier for carers and patients alike.  

Profiling Hospital Beds 

Profiling hospital beds are invaluable independent living aids. Particularly useful for those with limited mobility, profiling beds can reduce the risk of falls and injury. Ideal for those in long-term care environments, profiling beds can provide exceptional levels of comfort, while alleviating things like pressure sores.  

Most electric profiling beds come with user-operated controls, making them one of the best independent living products around. At the touch of a button, users can reposition themselves with ease, even if their movement is severely limited by an injury or chronic health issue. This not only benefits the user and promotes a sense of autonomy, but it can also assist staff and carers when it comes to administering medication and treatment.  

Profiling beds are made of several different sections, with adjustments allowing the lying surface to be perfectly tailored to individual contours. This makes them a worthwhile long-term investment and something that can be personalised to meet the needs of multiple users. At O’Flynn Medical, we offer a range of profiling hospital beds, with standout models including: 

Apex Rota-pro Low Rotational Chair Bed

Apex Rota-pro Low Rotational Chair Bed for Independent Living

The Apex Rota-pro Low Rotational Chair Bed is designed for users with limited mobility, the Apex Rota-pro Low makes transfers a breeze. The premium mattress reduces pressure on problem areas, while the user-friendly hand controls allow users to achieve maximum independence. 

Umano Medical ook snow ALL Bariatric Bed

Umano Medical ook snow ALL Bariatric Bed for Independent Living

The Umano Medical ook snow ALL Bariatric Bed is ideal for use in palliative care settings. The low height makes it a safer choice for high-risk patients, while also placing less strain on carers. Integrated INFINITETM Technology also allows for unrivalled positioning, making it suitable for users of all shapes and sizes. 


When it comes to promoting a sense of independence, there are few better products than wheelchairs. The best manual wheelchairs make getting from A to B incredibly easy, placing less strain on those with limited mobility and making it simple for carers to assist patients in their everyday lives.  

For many people thinking about how to live independently with a disability, a wheelchair is a must. For maximum peace of mind and usability, wheelchairs need to be robust and safe to use. For increased comfort, wheelchairs should also include armrests and footrests that can be adjusted with ease. We offer a selection of self-propelled and attendant wheelchairs to accommodate the needs of every user. Popular models include:  

708 Delight Self Propelled and Transit

708 Delight Self Propelled and Transit

The compact 708 Delight Self Propelled and Transit wheelchair is ideal for interiors with tight corners and limited floorplans. The smaller wheels mean there’s less chance of collision with furniture and everyday obstacles, while the padded armrests make this a comfortable option. 

Eclips+ Wheelchair Self Propelled and Transit

Eclips+ Wheelchair Self Propelled and Transit

The lightweight Eclips+ Wheelchair Self Propelled and Transit makes getting from A to B easier than ever. With a fixed back and reinforced crossbar, it’s incredibly sturdy, while foldable armrests and footplates make it easy to store and transport. 

Person Hoist and Stand Aids 

When it comes to promoting independent living with older people, hoists and stand aids are essential investments. Hoists help older people and those suffering from mobility issues in and out of chairs, beds, and baths. They also make quick work of transferring to and from wheelchairs.  

Hoists can be used in a range of situations, from domestic settings to traditional care environments. Mobile hoists are particularly useful for those requiring regular transfer assistance. More compact than bulkier alternatives, mobile hoists can be used for a variety of moving and handling situations and can be adapted to environments where space is at a premium.  

Another option to consider if you’re looking for independent living products are stand aids. Stand assist hoists provide support to individuals who’d struggle to stand up on their own. Carers can also use them as a useful assistance aid, making transfers incredibly easy.  

Hoists and stand aids should have maximum safety and security for users and carers alike. When used correctly, these products allow users to enjoy more mobility and a more unrestricted daily routine. Looking for stand assist and hoist products? At O’Flynn Medical we offer a range of options, including:  

Birdie Transfer Hoist

Birdie Transfer Hoist

The Invacare Birdie Compact Transfer Hoist is ergonomic and makes transfers a breeze, with a 360-degree rotation for maximum manoeuvrability. Slings can be attached from below or above, while the folding design makes it easy to transport and store when not in use. 

Roze Stand Assist Hoist

Roze Stand Assist Hoist

The Invacare Roze Stand Assist Lifter is versatile and ideal for users who need a little help with transfers. Steering wheels make it easy for carers to assist users as they raise to stand or sit, while the flexible height-adjustable leg support makes it suitable for a wide range of users. 

Commodes and Shower Chairs 

Keeping on top of personal hygiene is a crucial part of living independently. Commodes and shower chairs are therefore invaluable to ensure users can maintain their daily routines comfortably.  

Commodes provide users with enhanced comfort and stability, minimising the chance of falling or injury. They’re also ideal for patients with particularly limited mobility, eliminating the need to transfer individuals to wheelchairs and then to bathrooms.  

Those suffering from chronic health conditions and disabilities may also benefit from using a shower chair. These sturdy chairs ensure users don’t have to worry about balancing on slippery surfaces while showering, dramatically reducing the risk of injury. We stock an impressive range of commodes and shower chairs to help users shower safely and live independently. Popular products include:  

Foldable Commode Chair

Foldable Commode Chair

The Foldable Commode Chair is incredibly sturdy, with a fixed backrest and armrests making it a safe choice. It’s also available in an XXL model, providing a practical solution for heavier users. 

Aquatec Ocean Shower Commode

Aquatec Ocean Shower Commode

The Aquatec Ocean Shower Commode comes with an adjustable seat and tilt, allowing for optimal positioning over the toilet or in the shower. The backrest can be removed, and machine washed, while the foldaway design makes it a space-saving option.

Lilly Shower Bench

Lilly Shower Bench

The Lilly Shower Bench is user-friendly and incredibly sturdy. The legs can be adjusted to accommodate different user heights, while the anti-sliding seat layer ensures every user can shower safely. 

Miscellaneous Products 

Grab Rails for Independent Living

In many cases, it’s the little things that help make everyday tasks easier. At O’Flynn Medical, we stock a wide selection of independent living equipment that allows users to perform everyday tasks without assistance from carers. Some of our most popular products for independent living include:  

  • Combi Reacher Reach and Grab with Ease: This reaching aid features a 360-degree revolving head, allowing users to pick up household items with minimal effort. Its compact design also allows it to be stored discreetly on a walking frame for easy retrieval. 
  • Grab Rails: These fluted grab rails can be placed around any setting to enhance everyday mobility and allow users to carry out their daily activities unaided. Suitable for installation inside and out, these grab rails can be used for everything from helping users in and out of the bath to ascending staircases. 
  • Heavy Duty Rollator: This rollator provides support for those with mobility issues, but who don’t yet require a wheelchair to get around. The heavy-duty wheels make traversing everyday terrain a breeze, while the sturdy design provides all the support required while walking. What’s more, an integrated security seat will come in handy if fatigue settles in. 
  • Plastic Shoehorn: Something as simple as putting on footwear can prove a challenge for those suffering from arthritis or a mobility issue. This moulded shoehorn makes the everyday task incredibly easy, with the longer reach negating the need for bending and stretching. 
  • Walking Sticks: We stock a variety of walking sticks. Our height-adjustable model is made from sturdy aluminium, with a non-slip ferrule offering exceptional stability on all manner of surfaces. Meanwhile, our folding walking sticks are perfect for those looking for something more discreet. Made from robust aluminium, our folding stick collapses down into four compact sections for effortless storage. 

Discover More Independent Living Equipment at O’Flynn Medical 

In every situation, it’s crucial to ensure a patient is left to carry out their routines as independently as possible. However, ultimately, some assistance will be required. Once the scope of care requirements has been determined, it’s easy to plan for independent living. Profiling beds are essential for those with significant mobility impairment, while they can also help combat things like pressure ulcers and skin infections. Hoists can also improve everyday routines for those who struggle to get from A to B, while stand aids are particularly effective for those with some degree of autonomy.  

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