Sale & Rental of Medical Equipment Ireland
Sale & Rental of Medical Equipment Ireland


O’Flynn Medical now operate a ‘barrier washer’ decontamination system. This is a market leading system where the ‘red room’/dirty room is separated from the ‘clean room’/decontaminated room/green room by a glass wall which the washer passes through. Mattresses are placed in the washer from the red room side and are taken out of the washer in the clean room, fully decontaminated and ready for testing and packing.

The washer itself is an OTEX barrier washer.

Red Room
Red Room


OTEX eradicates MRSA, E.Coli and C.difficile from laundry, killing bacteria 3,200 times faster than chlorine bleach.

OTEX is a validated chemical disinfection process. By injecting a continuous flow of ozone – a powerful natural disinfectant – into every wash cycle, OTEX disinfects by killing 99.999% of moulds, yeasts, bacteria and viruses in the laundry – including MRSA, E.Coli, Norovirus and Clostridium difficile

Wash quality

OTEX cleans deeper to give optimum wash quality and extend fabric life.

Fibres in linens become opened during the ozone laundry process, which enables deep, gentle cleaning that adds a high level of wash quality to the core disinfection process. This leaves users with fresher laundered items and towels that are fluffier, while extending the life of any fabrics being washed.

Green Room
Green Room


OTEX meets CFPP01-04 and all other laundry/infection control guidelines with a verified audit trail. The O’Flynn Medical OTEX machine has a verification unit which monitors the amount of ozone being injected into the wash process and provides a printed ‘receipt’ confirming the cycle has achieved disinfection – ideal for meeting requirements of CFPP01-04 guidelines, audits or inspections.

Extensive testing has proven that OTEX is more effective than thermal laundry processes. Independent laboratory tests found MRSA to still be very much in evidence following the commonly used 40°C wash programmes, while in contrast OTEX totally eradicated all MRSA presence. In tests for C.difficile, OTEX left no viable trace of harmful bacteria after two and a half minutes – the same tests using conventional thermal disinfection found a significant level of spores remained after 15 minutes.

How OTEX Works


Download OTEX Brochure (PDF)

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