Bariatric Products

Bariatric products are medical supplies and equipment which have been designed to meet the needs of larger and/or obese patients. When we consider that approximately 56 per cent of the adult population in Ireland is classified as overweight, the importance of these items becomes clear.  

It should likewise be noted that many individuals who suffer from medical problems may be confined to their own homes. This is why choosing quality products for bariatric patients is important. What modern solutions are available and what benefits that they offer? In this blog post, we will examine bariatric care in greater detail before discussing the options provided by O’Flynn Medical.  

Bariatric Care at a Glance 

As mentioned in the previous section, bariatric care involves patients who are considered to be obese. This is still a rather general term. To be more specific, a patient may qualify for bariatric care products if his or her body mass index (BMI) is equal to or greater than 30. This is simply a measurement used to describe the ratio of weight to height. The bariatric products offered by O’Flynn Medical can serve several purposes including: 

  • To assist with mobility-related issues. 
  • To provide a greater degree of at-home safety. 
  • To aid in recovery and rehabilitation. 

This is why choosing the right types of bariatric products is crucial. What initial steps should be taken by doctors, family members and/or caregivers?  

Caring for Bariatric Patients 

The type of care will naturally vary between individuals. For example, some may require short-term assistance (such as when recovering from gastric band surgery). Others could need constant support. Examples include those with mobility issues or patients who require palliative care. This is why an in-depth assessment will be required so that the appropriate bariatric products can be selected. Some issues to address might encompass: 

  • What daily tasks will require assistance? 
  • Will the products support the weight and dimensions of the individual? 
  • Does the patient require daily aid (such as bathing or managing skin folds)? 
  • Is the condition expected to improve over time? This is used to determine whether a purchase or a rental is the most appropriate. 

Now that we have taken a look at some fundamental considerations, it is wise to examine the types of bariatric products offered by our team and the advantages of each. 

Quality Bariatric Products for Modern Needs 

The good news is that O’Flynn Medical supplies numerous bariatric care products following the needs of the patient. We will now briefly examine each category in greater detail. 

Adjustable Beds and Assisted Mobility Devices 

Baros Bariatric Plus Size Acute Expandable Bed

Baros Bariatric Plus Size Acute Expandable Bed

These high-quality hospital beds can serve a variety of purposes. They may be used to accommodate post-operative care needs and they can offer superior levels of safety when used within domestic settings. As these beds can be adjusted to various heights and ankles, they are also quite useful for manipulating the position of a patient. Note that other options include the Bariatric Vermeiren Interval XXL Profiling Bed and four-section extendable beds, such as the Baros Bariatric Plus Size Acute Expandable Bed. One of our representatives will be happy to explain the unique benefits of each.  

Mobility is also a concern and O’Flynn Medical is pleased to offer bariatric wheelchairs and walking aids. Constructed from lightweight yet extremely strong materials, these items are ideal for both domestic and clinical settings. Note that these bariatric products can also be rented by those who only require their presence for the short or medium term.  

Bariatric Chairs and Cushions 

Bariatric High Back Chair

Bariatric High Back Chair

Laying down for extended periods can lead to unhealthy situations for some patients. However, sitting upright may also be difficult. This is why modern bariatric products such as high-back chairs represent useful alternatives. These chairs will provide additional levels of lumbar support without sacrificing comfort. Their wider bases can accommodate larger frames and the depth of the seat can be adjusted when necessary. Vinyl coverings ensure rapid cleaning and polyurethane arm pads round out what these chairs have to offer.  

Bariatric foam cushions are additional accessories that can be used within both clinical and domestic settings. Multiple internal layers have been designed to provide uniform support while relieving pressure. These cushions are particularly useful for those who may be at risk of developing bed sores or skin lesions such as ulcers due to a lack of mobility. They are capable of supporting up to 245kg, they can be used in conjunction with bariatric wheelchairs and they are available for rental upon request. 

Bariatric Hoists and Slings 

Bariatric Hoist

Bariatric Hoist

There may be times when obese individuals cannot support themselves when performing simple tasks. Furthermore, caregivers might not be able to lift them correctly. These scenarios pose several health risks for everyone involved. This is when the use of a sturdy bariatric hoist may be warranted. 

The hoists supplied by O’Flynn Medical offer several unique benefits. A lightweight aluminium frame can be adjusted to accommodate numerous angles and positions. These hoists are capable of supporting up to 320kg and two-speed options are available. Heights can be modified to address standing and sitting exercises. The presence of castor wheels ensures easy manipulation, and a host of additional accessories (such as support bars) are available upon request.  

Pressure-Relieving Air Mattresses 

Pro-Care Auto Bariatric High Specification Pressure Relieving Dynamic Mattress

Pro-Care Auto Bariatric High Specification Pressure Relieving Dynamic Mattress

Whether an individual has just undergone weight loss surgery or has recently suffered from a fall, comfort is key to healing properly. The use of a pressure-relieving dynamic air mattress could represent an excellent solution. 

The air mattresses offered by O’Flynn Medical are available in two different widths and they can support up to 450kg. Multiple individual cells ensure balanced levels of support, and a built-in control panel will allow caregivers to control various metrics. Even during the event of a power failure, dense internal cells will continue to provide much-needed support for hours. Note that these mattresses can be used in conjunction with the bariatric beds outlined earlier in this article. 

Suitable for Both Short- and Long-Term Care Scenarios 

O’Flynn Medical appreciates the fact that bariatric care products may be somewhat expensive. This can easily place a burden upon family members who are dealing with a limited budget. We are therefore happy to provide bariatric equipment for sale as well as for rental. Rental products are often useful when dealing with short-term recovery situations, such as when recuperating from bariatric surgery, holiday stays and short-term care facility needs. Hospital bed rental & medical mattress, hoist rental and wheelchair rental services are all available from O’Flynn Medical. Chronic conditions and/or palliative home care may alternatively benefit from an outright purchase. Either way, our team is always happy to provide further assistance. 

Trusted Bariatric Products to Ensure Quality of Life 

The notion of bariatric care has progressed immensely in these modern times. This is why procuring trusted products and solutions is crucial. The items offered by O’Flynn Medical have been engineered to the highest of standards are built to last. From adjustable bariatric beds to support accessories and daily mobility aids, little is left to the imagination when working with our team.  

Contact O’Flynn Medical to Learn More 

Do you have a question regarding any of the bariatric products outlined above? Do you wish to learn more about when a rental may be the most appropriate? If so, one of our representatives will be pleased to help. Please take a moment to contact us at a convenient time. We will guide you in the right direction.  

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